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Memes of Translation - The spread of ideas in translation theory

Memes of Translation is a search for coherence in translation theory based on the notion of Memes: ideas that spread, develop and replicate, like genes. The author explores a wide range of ideas on translation, mapping the “meme pool” of translation theory with chapters on translation history, norms, strategies, assessment, ethics, and translator training. The aim of the book is to search for a perspective from which the immense variety of ideas about translation can be related.
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The Translation Studies Reader

The Translation Studies Reader provides a definitive survey of the most important and influential developments in translation theory and research, with an emphasis on twentieth-century developments. With introductory essays prefacing each section, the book places a wide range of seminal and innovative readings within their thematic, cultural and historical contexts. This second edition of this classic reader has been fully revised and updated. Venuti has also extended the selection to include key pre-twentieth-century texts, adding a historical dimension. Other new readings expand the range of theoretical discourses and practical applications covered, exploring the influence of translation studies beyond its traditional boundaries, in fields such as philosophy, sociology and film studies.
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Translating from Major into Minor Languages

The unequal relationships observed in translation between major and minor languages may result in cultural and linguistic uncertainty, and lead to a feeling of identity loss among those who use them. In this book, Anastasia Parianou examines the hegemonic status of global English, in comparison to other languages, measures the all-powerful tendency of the publishing industry towards an English-only culture, and considers contexts of translation in a rapidly evolving, globalised world. Translating from Major into Minor Languages proceeds to introduce attitude studies to translation research, arguing that its contribution to the discipline of translation studies may assist translators, in particular those of minor languages, to better evaluate the status of their languages, helping them to gain more linguistic and cultural self-confidence.
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Translating Selves: Experience and Identity Between Languages and Literatures

This collection of essays argues that acts of translation connect intimately with formations of the self and issues of individual or cultural identity; that in contexts in which languages, literatures and cultures meet, we also encounter ‘translating selves’: ways of thinking, practices and understandings, creativity and experiences that (re)define the translating consciousness and (literary) translation. Chapters investigate the relationships between self and translation, from the realities of multilingualism to cognitive processes in the course of translating, to relations between writers and translators; from the creativities of self-translation to the transposition of conceptions of self across cultures and traditions. Structured in three parts, the book addresses in turn literary, cultural and theoretical aspects of encountered ‘selves in translation’, as well as the interactions between them, culminating in a final series of case studies.  Offering an interdisciplinary perspective on identity in translation, this book will be of interest to researchers working in translation studies, literary theory, linguistics and discourse analysis
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Translation, Humour and Literature

Translation studies and humour studies are disciplines that have been long-established but seldom looked at in conjunction.  This volume uses literature as the common ground and examines issues of translating humour within a range of different literary traditions.  It begins with an analysis of humour and translation in every day life, including jokes and cross-cultural humour, and then moves on to looking at humour and translation in literature through the ages
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Translation, Humour and the Media

Examines the intersection of humour and translation studies as found in the media -- on television, in film and in print.
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