Felicity Brooks

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All About Families

What do families look like? Who's in your family? And how can families change? With delightful illustrations, this glorious celebration of family diversity talks about lone-parent families, adoptive, foster, divorced, remarried, and mixed race families, and lots, lots more, showing little children that families come in all shapes and sizes.
12,50 €

La crèche de Noël

Amuse-toi à habiller les enfants de ce livre avec les autocollants de costumes pour mettre en scène l'histoire de Noël. La page dépliante au dos de la couverture permet d'y placer les autocollants afin de les réutiliser.
5,95 €

Lift-the-flap Colours

A fun and exciting way for children to learn about colours, with over 60 flaps to lift. With plenty of questions to answer and talk about, this book is perfect for sharing together. Includes naming, matching and counting activities.
12,50 €

Lift-the-flap Shapes

A colourful lift-the-flap board book to help children learn about shapes in a fun way. Each page features an illustrated scene full of spotting, naming and counting activities, from a circus show to a trip to the seaside and a summer picnic. Activities include lifting circular, triangular and star-shaped flaps at the circus to uncover the hidden performers, and searching for animals at the seaside by lifting beach balls, kites and umbrellas. With over 80 flaps to lift, each page has lots to spot and talk about, even for pre-readers.
12,50 €

Lift-the-Flap Word Book

Children can have fun matching words to pictures in this charming flap book. Each delightful scene is filled with picture flaps to lift to reveal words underneath, while word flaps can be lifted to see pictures. An ideal way for beginner readers to practise word recognition, while providing plenty for pre-readers to find, name and talk about.
12,50 €

Little Wipe-Clean Alphabet

Help little ones learn the alphabet with this fun wipe-clean book. There are letters and words to trace and copy on every page, accompanied by matching illustrations. Durable, wipe-clean pages mean children can practise again and again and there are links to websites with advice on helping children learn to read and write.
5,90 €

Little Wipe-Clean First Words

This fun book is a perfect way for young children to learn their first words. There are lots of easy three-letter words to practise reading and writing and a guide to writing big letters too. With durable, wipe-clean pages for endless practice and links to websites with advice and more activities to help children learn to read and write.
5,50 €

Time to Eat!

Help young children improve their language and writing skills with this fun book all about food. There are lots of easy words to practise reading and writing, including types of food, meals and kitchen things. With durable, wipe-clean pages for endless practice and links to websites with advice and more activities.
6,20 €

Όλα όσα θες να ξέρεις για το σχολείο... πριν ακόμη πας!

Ο Λέλο, η Καίτη, ο Μπόµπι, η Μάντυ και η Ράνια µόλις άρχισαν το σχολείο! Ακολούθησέ τους και δες τι έχουν να σου πουν. Θα µάθεις τα πάντα για το σχολείο… πριν ακόµη πας!
10,90 € 8,70 €