Ancient/ Modern Athens Cultural Maps

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Ancient Athens: The map of Ancient Athens covers roughly the area of the Classical city, bounded by the Themistoclean wall built after the Persian wars. The plan of the Classical walls (and their Valerian and Late Roman successors) was drawn by archaeologist Annita Theocharaki. Topographer Dimitris Theodosopoulos retraced the ancient course of the Ilissos and Eridanos rivers now mostly hidden under asphalt. The main monuments of the ancient and Byzantine period are marked against the background topography and modern road network. For key monuments, a three-dimensional representation was created by Delia Potamianou. With this map we invite you to wander in the steps of the politicians, historians, philosophers and artists who bequeathed to us democracy, philosophy, the theater and some of the finest works of art and architecture that ever saw the light. Modern Athens: The Map of Modern Athens is a thematic map showing buildings important for the architectural physiognomy of the city. Buildings are marked separately by period, from late Ottoman, to Neoclassical and Modern. The most notable ones are highlighted with three-dimensional representations created by Delia Potamianou and a short text on the back with historical details. This map invites us to see Athens through buildings that shape the present-day identity of the city, and through these buildings to take a stroll back in time to see the city's progress from modest neoclassical capital to modern metropolis.
ISBN: 9789609412667
Έτος έκδοσης: 2018
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