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Bosnian-English / English-Bosnian Concise Dictionary

Useful features include commonsense pronunciation guides for both Bosnian and English speakers along with appendices of common English abbreviations. - 85009 entries - Word-to-word-- No definitions "
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Diccionario del Estudiante

Con nuevas voces y acepciones, y normas ortograficas completamente actualizadas. El diccionario mas completo para alumnos de secundaria y bachillerato, util tambien para toda la familia. Un diccionario elaborado por la Real Academia Espanola, con el respaldo de las Academias de America. Un diccionario moderno y actual: todas sus entradas y acepciones han sido redactadas de nueva planta con criterio tambien nuevo. Un diccionario normativo, que tambien aporta informacion abundante sobre el uso de las palabras. Incluye apendices especiales con las nuevas reglas academicas de ortografia, los modelos de conjugacion y la lista de los numerales. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION The most current and up-to-date dictionary backed by the Royal Academy of Spanish Languages. This second edition adds a series of new words and meanings as well as updated academic orthographical norms. Over 40 thousand words and phrases representative of today s Spanish-speaking population. The most commonly used Anglicism s. Clear and precise definitions, written in easy-to-understand terms. Numerous examples of use. Information on basic grammar and pronunciation of challenging words. The most frequently used synonyms and related terms. Principal abbreviations and acronyms. Includes a completely updated appendix with the current
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Dizionario greco-italiano

Σύγχρονο, εύχρηστο, αξιόπιστο. 150.000 λήμματα και ερμηνείες, ακριβής προφορά, γραμματικός χαρακτηρισμός. Πλήρες σύγχρονο λεξιλόγιο, επιστημονική ορολογία, παραδείγματα, εκφράσεις κ.λπ. Σύντομη γραμματική της ιταλικής γλώσσας.
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English-Xhosa dictionary

This book answers a long-felt for need for a comprehensive English-Xhosa dictionary. It has been compiled with two aims in mind: to meet the needs of the Xhosa speaker who wants to understand and use English correctly, and also to meet the needs of the English speaker who is learning Xhosa.
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Grekiska Ordförråd

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Hungarian-English - English-Hungarian Concise Dictionary

Includes useful vocabulary and expressions for the traveller, an introduction to the Hungarian language, a practical conversation guide, and index of Hungarian geographical names.
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Il mini di italiano. Dizionario della lingua italiana

Un dizionario pratico, chiaro e di facile consultazione. Con grammatica italiana 800 pagine circa 30.000 voci numerosi esempi d'uso indicazione dei plurali difficili forme flesse dei principali verbi elencate come lemmi pronuncia delle parole straniere e delle parole italiane particolari
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Konrad Duden und sein Wörterbuch - Wegbereiter der Einheitsschreibung

Anlässlich des 100. Todestages werden Leben und Werk von Konrad Duden (1829-1911) dargestellt. Weiter geht es mit der Spurensuche nach dem letzten Vorwort aus der Feder Konrad Dudens und der 2. Auflage des nach ihm benannten Wörterbuchs. Abgerundet wird der Band durch eine bis jetzt unentdeckt gebliebene Fundstelle im >Buchdruckerduden<, die recht ungewöhnlich wirkt.
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Latvian-English / English-Latvian Dictionary & Phrasebook

About 2 million people speak Latvian world-wide, most of whom reside in the Republic of Latvia. Due to viable economic and political factors, Latvia has seen a steady increase in tourism since gaining its independence in 1991. The two-way dictionary furnishes travellers, businesspersons, students, and diplomats with essential vocabulary, while a concise phrasebook covers topics such as eating out, sightseeing, and elementary conversation. Users will also find a pronunciation guide, a fundamental grammar, and an introduction to the Latvian language.
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