Chinua Achebe

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No Longer at Ease

Obi Okonkwo is an idealistic young man who, thanks to the privileges of an education in Britain, has now returned to Nigeria for a job in the civil service. However in his new role he finds that the way of government seems to be backhanders and corruption. Obi manages to resist the bribes that are offered to him, but when he falls in love with an unsuitable girl - to the disapproval of his parents - he sinks further into emotional and financial turmoil. The lure of easy money becomes harder to refuse, and Obi becomes caught in a trap he cannot escape.
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Things fall apart

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Things Fall Apart

Okonowo is the greatest warrior alive. His fame has spread like a bushfire in West Africa and he is one of the most powerful men of his clan. But he also has a fiery temper. Determined not to be like his father, he refuses to show weakness to anyone - even if the only way he can master his feelings is with his fists. When outsiders threaten the traditions of his clan, Okonowo takes violent action. Will the great man's dangerous pride eventually destroy him?
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Tout s'effondre

En Afrique précoloniale, dans le village ibo d'Umuofia au Nigeria, Okonkwo, fils d'un père lâche et oisif, est un fermier prospère qui veille sur ses trois épouses et ses huit enfants. Il a gagné la confiance des anciens par sa sagesse. Mais l'arrivée des missionnaires, puis des colons britanniques, bouleverse l'existence de tout son peuple.
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