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British Photo Dictionary

*1,000 colour photographs help students learn the words in context *3,500 words in topic areas such as Food, Housing, Clothes for everyday life, as well as Computers, Jobs, Sports and Animals. *Conversation Activities on each page for practice in class. *Writing Activities help students learn vocabulary in an enjoyable way and help them use words in full sentences *3 Audio CDs with all the words pronounced

28,90 € 27,30 €

Cambridge Learner's Dictionary (+CD-ROM)

A new edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, fully updated with many new words and extra help with collocations. Ideal for PET and FCE preparation With clear definitions and thousands of examples that put the language into context, this dictionary is an invaluable companion. The Cambridge Learner's Dictionary CD-ROM includes the whole dictionary in a handy searchable format. You can listen to every word in British and American English - and even record yourself for comparison.
27,00 €

Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus Essential edition: All-in-one support for everyday use

All the words you need, every day: the perfect reference book to broaden your knowledge of English, and is ideal for everyday use, at home, in the office or at school, in a durable format.

Drawn from Collins’ 4.5-billion-word database of today’s English, Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus combines a comprehensive dictionary with all the alternatives and opposites the user needs.

The book is designed for ease of use, with thumb tabs on every page and all entry words highlighted in bold. This layout means that you can be sure to find all the information you need in the quickest time possible.

12,70 €

Colour Oxford English Thesaurus

This is the reissued Colour Oxford Thesaurus - now in an attractive new format. This thesaurus offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary, with over 140,000 synonyms and antonyms based on evidence from the Oxford English Corpus, a unique databank comprising hundreds of millions of words of English. Thesaurus entries are easy to use, with the most useful synonyms given first. The centre section gives guidance on how to get the most out of your thesaurus. Discover more on, Oxford's hub for dictionaries and language reference.
10,40 €

Divry's English-Greek and Greek-English desk dictionary

"Περιέχει επίσης στοιχεία Αγγλικής Γραμματικής, Ανώμαλα Ρήματα, Αριθμητικά, Κύρια Ονόματα, Πόλεις της Αμερικής, Ελλάδος, Αγγλίας, κλπ. Μέτρα και Σταθμά κλπ.
19,08 € 15,30 €

Oxford English Dictionary for Schools

The Oxford English Dictionary for Schools is easy to use with clear signposting, accessible design, and expertly levelled definitions and examples, making it the perfect language resource for school work and studying at home. It has been updated extensively to include even more KS3 curriculum vocabulary and is ideal for students preparing for GCSEs and other exams. New words and phrases include cloud computing, coronavirus, mental health, podcast, web developer and zero carbon.

It is powered by the Oxford Children's Corpus, a unique electronic database of millions of words written by and for children, which means that the vocabulary is presented in a way that is both accessible and stretching. There are also lots of additional features to support students acquiring a broader vocabulary, such as language panels for project work, related words and antonyms, usage notes for confusable words, and interesting word origins. It also contains real example sentences from the best children's books and teenage fiction, which show students how to use language effectively.

There are inspiring examples from authors such as David Almond, Philip Pullman, William Golding, Anthony Horowitz, Beverley Naidoo, and many more from the curriculum reading lists. Free downloadable learning resources, word games, puzzles, and much more are available for additional online support at

13,70 €

Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary

Shows words related by meaning and use: synonyms, opposites, derivatives, the verbs to go with the nouns, and more. This work gives the words needed to talk about a particular subject. It provides topic areas, which suggest a framework for systematic vocabulary expansion. It helps with structures and linguistic problem areas.
25,40 €

The Cambridge Greek Lexicon 2 Volume Hardback Set

Image for The Cambridge Greek Lexicon 2 Volume Hardback Set Click to enlarge The Cambridge Greek Lexicon 2 Volume Hardback Set by Faculty of Classics (Author) Format:Hardback 1000 pages, Worked examples or Exercises Publisher:Cambridge University Press Imprint:Cambridge University Press Edition:New ed ISBN:9780521826808 Published:22 Apr 2021 Classifications:Literary studies: classical, early & medieval Readership:Tertiary Education (US: College) Contents:Contains 2 hardbacks Weight:3292g Dimensions:187 x 263 x 101 (mm) Pub. Country:United Kingdom For sale in: All countries Description The Cambridge Greek Lexicon is based upon principles differing from those of existing Greek lexica. Entries are organised according to meaning, with a view to showing the developing senses of words and the relationships between those senses. Other contextual and explanatory information, all expressed in contemporary English, is included, such as the typical circumstances in which a word may be used, thus giving fresh insights into aspects of Greek language and culture. The editors have systematically re-examined the source material (including that which has been discovered since the end of the nineteenth century) and have made use of the most recent textual and philological scholarship. The Lexicon, which has been twenty years in the making, is written by an editorial team based in the Faculty of Classics in Cambridge, consisting of Professor James Diggle (Editor-in-Chief), Dr Bruce Fraser, Dr Patrick James, Dr Oliver Simkin, Dr Anne Thompson, and Mr Simon Westripp.
91,20 €