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A Dictionary of Creation Myths

Écrivain: David Adams Leeming
Éditeur: Oxford University Press
Code article: 701455
24,80 €
Throughout, the authors share insightful analyses of the surprisingly intricate relationship of certain myths across cultures, regions, and time. The entry on Maori creation, for example, leads to entries on the Samoan and Tahitian creation stories and on to the motif of "Creation from Nothing." And, in the courseof retelling the creation myth of the Medoc Indians, the authors send us to entries on the "Trickster" and the "earth-diver creation" theme. From cosmic eggs, frost giants, and the Garden of Eden to Brahma, the Spider Woman, and the Gaia Principle, from myths of the apocalypse and the great world religions to myths of love, re-birth, and science, this unique guide illuminates the phenomenon of creation from all aspects of the human experience. Richly illustrated, A Dictionary of Creation Myths is essential for anyone who has ever wondered how the world was created, where we came from, or why we are here atall.
ISBN: 9780195102758
Date de parution: 1996
Pages: 344
Langue d'édition: Anglais
Dimensions: 15,57 cm x 23,34 cm x 2,24 cm
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