YLE Practice Tests, Flyers

Author: Dawn Watson
Publisher: Hamilton House
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Cambridge YLE Flyers Practice Tests has been specifically written for the updated Cambridge English: Young Learners Flyers test. The tests have been designed to familiarise students with the exact format of the test as well as to ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for the test.
Key features:
-five complete practice tests for the updated Cambridge English: Young Learners Flyers test
-consolidation exercises after every test to ensure students practise vocabulary which frequently appears in the Flyers test
-full introduction for students and parents which includes detailed information about the Flyers test and advice on how to prepare for the test
-A-Z Word List which includes all the vocabulary students must be familiar with to do well in the Flyers test
-clear audio providing listening practice
-free access to one complete online practice test.
ISBN: 9789925310074
Publication date: 2017
Pages: 128