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Dictionary of refractory and refractory engineering - Feuerfest und Feuerfestbau Wörterbuch

Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Product Code: 701319
43.25 €
The necessary 2nd edition offered the possibility to add new terms especially from the field of refractory engineering. The title was correspondingly change to "Dictionary of refractory and refractory engineering". This dictionary contains now approximately 5.500 terms from the special field of refractory materials, their testing and use and standard technical vocabulary. At the end there is a list of dictionaries focussing on related fields and technology. Furthermore, a list of CD-ROMs with terms used in the ceramic industry (German, English) and refractory industry (5 languages) is given. Further mention is made of cover-to-cover translations of books on refractory materials and refractory engineering as well as European Standards (CEN) for refractories available in English, German and French. These Standards are of great assistance to learn the English or German technical terms in the refractory field.
ISBN: 9783802731563
Publication date: 2007
Pages: 375
Publication language: English
From: German, English
To: English, German