The Twin Dogs

Εκδότης: Tate Publishing
Κωδικός: 775128
15,00 €
* A funny, mischievous and sweet story about sibling rivalry * Brilliant, mono printed illustrations * Debut picture book from Japanese author and illustrator, Chihiro Inoue The twin dogs are very happy, living in their house with their owners and getting up to anything they want. When they aren't arguing over which of them is the oldest, they like to take their family out for walks, drink milk in the mornings, play catch and get pet whenever they fancy. All of a sudden, everything changed. No milk in the mornings, strangers are taking them for walks and there's no running or playing catch - what on earth is going on? It appears there's a new member of the household - they must put a stop to this immediately, so they come up with a plan . . .
ISBN: 9781849767224
Έτος έκδοσης: 2020
Σελίδες: 32