The Barber's Dilemma : And Other Stories from Manmaru Street

Συγγραφέας: Koki Oguma
Εκδότης: Tara Books
Κωδικός: 775127
16,20 €
Zany artist Koki Oguma loves to wander around his neighbourhood in Tokyo, watching people go about their business. Then he goes home with his head full of ideas, and starts to doodle. Sometimes his scribbles take on a life of their own, and he's not sure what they're meant to be. So he talks to them, to find out more, and see what they can be turned into. One day, for example, one of his scribbles turned into a terrific beard. Koki started talking to the beard, and realized that it needed a barber. So he added a barber to his painting. A barber would have fun with this beard. Or would he be nervous? Hmm... read the story and find out!
ISBN: 9789383145652
Έτος έκδοσης: 2018
Σελίδες: 44