Civil To Strangers

Συγγραφέας: Barbara Pym
Εκδότης: Little Brown and Company
Κωδικός: 772452
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'I'm a huge fan of Barbara Pym' Richard Osman'I'd sooner read a new Barbara Pym than a new Jane Austen' Philip LarkinWhen Barbara Pym died in 1980, she left a considerable amount of unpublished material. This volume contains an early novel, Civil to Strangers, three novellas and an autobiographical essay, 'Finding a Voice', Pym's only written comment on her writing career. In Civil to Strangers, the lives of a young couple, Cassandra Marsh-Gibbon and her self-absorbed writer husband Adam, are thrown into upheaval when a mysterious Hungarian arrives in their village.

'A sublime social comedy . . .

It exists inside the Pym Eden of safety, silliness and a kind of subdued hilarity. Look out for one of her best curates - the starchy, spinster-dodging Mr Paladin - and a typically deliciously insensitive vicar' KATE SAUNDERS, THE TIMES'Brilliant, hilarious, poignant and so very, very English' TIME
ISBN: 9780349016146
Έτος έκδοσης: 2022
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