Asterix: Asterix and the Griffin : Album 39

Συγγραφέας: Jean-Yves Ferri
Εκδότης: Little Brown and Company
Κωδικός: 768977
10,00 €
Be the first to read the next action-packed adventure from the indomitable Gauls by pre-ordering now!Follow Asterix and Obelix as they set out on their 39th adventure on a long journey in search of a strange and terrifying creature. Half-eagle, half-lion, and idolised and feared by ancient peoples, this creature is the griffin. How will Asterix, Obelix, Dogamatix, along with the Druid Getafix, get drawn into the epic, perilous quest to find this fantastical animal? Find out in the next instalment of this multi-million bestselling series.
ISBN: 9780751584714
Έτος έκδοσης: 2022
Σελίδες: 48