The Essential Guide to Turkish Wine

Εκδότης: Andrea LeMieux
Κωδικός: 764987
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A casual wine drinker for years, Andrea's come to wine moment happened, paradoxically, in Turkey. Her journey began when she discovered that Turkey did make wine, that it could make very good wine, and that it had a rich tapestry of native grapes. Since this revelation Andrea has devoted herself to learning about and proselytizing Turkish wine, while giving some love to other underappreciated wines countries and garnering a few formal wine certifications along the way. She founded The Quirky Cork, a website devoted in large part to Turkish wines and also contributes to online publications such as The Vintner Project and Turquazz. In addition to writing about wine, Andrea gives regular wine tastings in Istanbul and offers services to help locals and visitors alike discover the delights of Turkish wine country! Born in Montreal and raised by a Turkish mother, Emma was always curious about Turkish culture, both present and past. In 2013, she moved to Turkey to start a Master's program in Ottoman architecture with a focus on the history of food and drink. Since then, Emma has graduated from the Mutfak Sanatları Akademisi (MSA) pastry program and founded her own cottage kitchen bakery, Emma's Baked Goods in Istanbul.
ISBN: 9781956019087
Έτος έκδοσης: 2021
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