Tyrant: King of the Bosporus

Συγγραφέας: Christian Cameron
Εκδότης: Orion Publishing Co
Κωδικός: 758060
12,80 €
In a world at war, a brother and sister seek revenge...Another drama-drenched story in a truly epic historical series. They were born in the middle of a battle, into a world at war. And from their first moments of life, twins Satyrus and Melitta were fighting for survival.

Their father, a Greek mercenary, was cut down not long after they had taken their first breath; their Scythian mother was cruelly murdered when they were still children. But Satyrus and Melitta are children no more. They have learned how to fight, how to love, how to plot and how to kill.

Now it is time to leave their adopted home, the city of Alexandria, and the protection of Alexander the Great's former general, Ptolemy - and seek revenge. Now it is time to go to war...
ISBN: 9781409102755
Έτος έκδοσης: 2011
Σελίδες: 432